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My guess is that if google gets to know of the frustration that comes with this..they are less likely to re-adjust and make it simplier or less complicated. I stand to be corrected. Would you agree?
No, I do not agree.

Unfortunately Google has made plenty decisions that affect their bottom line and the few, angry masses tend to be a write-off more than anything else.

It's why FOSS is seen as a bunch of wild kids doing their own thing in a basement or garage until... whining either drops out of style, the product gets bought out and rebranded as a "new idea" or the disgruntled few fail to make a dent in educating the masses.

Often the FOSS is pushed so far down that folks just don't even know that they're running something that's open source somewhere in the stack (think: routers).

At this moment in time, I believe fully in storing and maintaining your own data and disallow all parties that want to make money from your contributions (read: your content, your posts, your emails, your words) and make money from it without including you because your consent came from a convenient service.

We do that all too often. Give away our content for ease of use.

Roll your own data storage, access it from your trusted devices, keep everybody else out.
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