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My N810WE is to this day one of the best tool form factors for troubleshooting servers inside data centers, or any other place where I don't feel like trying to hold a laptop while pulling cables out of machines in racks.

Sadly, the Clearwire/Sprint/XOHM WiMAX network is finally about to sing its swan song here in the U.S on November 6th. They did not make it easy to keep using that network with the N810, but it was possible. (Ironically, it was something as simple as trying to get to buttons on a web form that was the largest impediment to using WiMAX in recent years.)

Nokia deserves some credit for taking a chance with a protocol that actually delivered on its promise well before LTE showed up to the party.

I won't belabor the seeming jihad against hardware keyboards that we've seen in handheld device form factors for the past several years, except to say that the build quality of those Nokia devices, while not perfect, could hold its own against anything being sold today.