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Amazon UK is listing them at 317, which is a price (for a spec) that I am far more comfortable handing over to sony then I ever could have been handing over to Jolla for the J1.

The difference in spec/quality is day and night!

Just want to know if there will in fact be SFOS pre-loads available for sale, or, whether it's simply a case of buy a stock Xperia X and have a (relatively) easy time loading on the officially supported image....?
There's a German version priced at 282.67 from a seller there ( )

But I'd wait before there's something concrete (eg. look at the FP2 thread), there's no indication how they'll roll out the AD component - will we finally be able to buy it in the Jolla store, or will it only be available to people who buy a device through the Jolla shop.

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