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My more and more persistent thought after the Elopocalypse, and with the experience of the other minor apocalypses I've seen in the last 12 years as a fond Nokia user is:

I want a Debian phone.

I want a phone with an absolutely free and libre operating system that can't be ditched by a single CEO the day he's got a real bad belly ache; that has no DRM whatsoever; that has no ad-engine; that is going to be updated when updates are ready, not for marketing's sake; that makes me feel good.
Nothing less.

Hardware may vary: no corporation is going to do the thing I want just straight out of the box - it wouldn't bring them control, and money.

Though, Qole's efforts (but also several other contributors here, and Penguinbait with his Kde, and in other forums - Android, Pandora, even iOS) have shown that it's possible indeed, even maybe not at 100%. Though I'm sure that it may be possible to go very close to that 100% when many people really want it and are going to cooperate.

Might be the Galaxy Tab or the Galaxy S, for example: quite a complete hardware with already well-known nasty "features" - but also other hardwares could be chosen, preferring the most common and best known.

Then on top of Debian, a number of gui hacks to make the thing amenable to phone use, mainly the use of a touch-friendly ui. I think that this can be accomplished too.

What do you think of such a dream? Naif? Silly? Doable?
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