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I want a Debian phone.

I want a phone with an absolutely free and libre operating system that can't be ditched by a single CEO the day he's got a real bad belly ache; that has no DRM whatsoever; that has no ad-engine; that is going to be updated when updates are ready, not for marketing's sake; that makes me feel good.
Nothing less.
Yeah, me too. I will keep looking for Kubuntu Mobile development, as it might get interesting.
You see, the problem as stated before would be closed drivers. I could take that, if there ara well supported drivers (in the form of Kernel Modules, just like ATI and Nvidia ones (somewhat)). Then, it would need one of these: 1) OpenGLES ported apps and games, as many of them are plain OpenGL and that simply lacks HW acceleraton on mobile plattforms OR 2) OpenGL capable chipset.
So, I see something somewhat near to this precisely Kubuntu Mobile, with KDE Plasma Mobile and all of that stufff...
The drawback is Kubuntu is not so free as Debian, and It also depends somewhat on a CEO that sometimes has dumb ideas, but at least it gives you some far feeling of having a possibility of brand support.

Still it needs to be tested and wait for it to have an acceptable usability, but I think it's not so weird...
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