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An option to hide (blacklist if you wish) traffic from selected sections would be welcome. I called for it when TMO was spammed with Meego posts. Now Meego posters get to taste their own medicine by being themselves spammed with Sailfish posts. Yes I know the metaphore isn't perfect. At least Meego was somehow relevant and had no other place to go, while none of that applies to Jolla and Sailfish.

Another welcome feature would be the ability to killfile a thread. Currently one can do only per member.

And lastly, I would welcome the ability to mark a thread as read straight from the list, without having to jump to the last post and then back to the list. While not completely equivalent, it could be used as a poor man's "thread killfile" substitute.

Is any of that doable?

EDIT: ggabriel, no one is asking to kick Meego or Saifish users out of this forum. I also like to peek at the other sections from time to time. But I do not like having them waved in front of my face. All Estel and I ask is an option to set our personal preferences of how we want to read the forum.

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