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Application submission: "Editor."
  • Project Name: Editor.
  • Author: GoAlexander ( or
  • Brief description: "Editor." is feature-rich text/code editor! The app is under development and there are a lot of plans. List of current features:
    • Useful optional menu on the editor`s page called "quick actions"
    • Counting of number of lines and symbols in text
    • Read only mode (called r-only)
    • Autosave of your text in special file ending with ~, located in the directory where your original file is located. Don`t be afraid to forget to save the file or accidentally exit the app!
    • Don`t open files which ending with ~. The last version of document will be loaded automatically. So load only(!) original files.
    • Useful page for choosing a file which you want to open
    • Notification while saving
    • Font size and type can be changed
    • App uses default file manager
    • File manager can open hidden folders
    • And much more!
  • Category: Something new
  • Features/work to be judged: All features are self made except functions of saving/loading/autosaving (thanks eekkelund) + File Manager is system`s file manager
  • Package name and where to find the app/repository:
  • Screenshot(s):


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