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I have bettered alot of my scores now but i havent got around to editing them on here. I'll do it tomorrow after work. There are some higher scores that i managed to get that might suprise you. Im still looking for more ways to get better scores on some levels so please offer your wisdom if you have any tips.
Level 3-5 is a freak of a level. can be 1 birded but there is a suprise if you analyse it.
Level 3-21 is random like many levels with lots of bricks but you have to go for the right places.
first bird go for the first 2 pigs nearest, 2nd bird go for the top pig from the side. then you should just have the big boy left with an egg and a bomb..... ;-)
I dont like giving tips coz im competitive so you're lucky but i like some healthy competition.
Heres a new one for ya. level 3-20: 140,380