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Yep, there is nothing special about 3-1. I have tried to repeat it several times, and I can not. Your 3-20 is very nice, I have 132270. But that seams like a fluke as well.
On that level its all about how the blocks break (stating the obvious),the most important being the ones that hold the pillars up.
I go the same place every time where i know its likely to get the best effect. Took me loads of goes but if you can get at least 3 bottom blocks to break and get a decent chain reaction you can get a great score with 2 or 3 birds.

I had a big break through last night on 2-5: 99580
i was trying to get near 95k like my friend had but everything just fell right.
The annoying thing about that level is that if you one bird it by mistake the score is 2 stars at best.

Just 280 points off 4310000. must do it before i get bored of poached eggs.

Manjingo that score for 3-9 is sweeeet if i can get near that it'd give me a big boost. I cant see how you can one bird that level and knock all the tower down though??? The score i have is from 2 birds and almost everything destroyed so where does the extra 20+k come from?
Any pointers please.... I'll assist you if you are a bit off on any.

Edit: I'm now starting to think you meant that was your score for 3-8
Might be a bit more plausable. (would be great if i was wrong)

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