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Humm today i replaced cam modules of n97 n86 3110 n70 and some chineese and samgsung si*h (they are hard to find and replace) funny thing is the modules wich dont have focus mechanism are better in quality aka orignal equivalent and easy to replace withot damaging . I even attached detached the modules of 3110 and n70 several times they didnt fail heck i dropped them on the floor from a meter and still functional On the other hand the n97 n85 modules were a diffrent catch they didnt provide quality like orignal though n97 module said oem the n86 provided satisfactory results as i had one to test lowlight was better in the orignal module wheras daylight didnt had much diffrence apart from more natural colors and shadows in the orignal and better contrast in aftermarket module . I didnt dare to stress test them buttt i retached and detached the n97 module with plastic edge with great care and it was sucessful . The samgsung was a easy go and the chineese were a pain in the *** it was more about checking and checking which fits and operates as serials on the ribbons of those modules arent of much use as they are hard to find even harder to replace if the clip dosent match or hell if the ribbon is directly solderd to board in unusual places . P.s the 3310 aftermarket module was exceptionaly better took photos better then the orignal in every aspect (?) when viewed on a pc.

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