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Originally Posted by ferlanero View Post
What is what I'm doing wrong?

For importing maps from I'm doing:

./ nordrhein-westfalen.osm.pbf for import with libscout

And copying the resulted files (which are a lot) into /home/nemo/Documents/Maps

Can you help me please?

Have you got any converted-working map with OSM Scout Server to compare the results and seeing what I'm doing wrong?
You are very-very close. Just few touches and you should be fine.

I suspect that your problems are just due to version mismatch. The libosmscout is developing very fast these days. In particular, the server together with Poor Maps exposed routing component and there are quite a few bugs fixed over the last weeks. As a result, the database format is changing as well. So:

1. Import the maps using the libosmscout version against which the server has been built:

2. When importing, I suggest to use the command line as in . This would delete the temporary and debug files from the maps folder. To my knowledge, the build script does not do that and you could end up with 2x larger import. Just adjust the path of the typefile and your map folder/pbf. Expect to get the similar size for imported map as you had PBF.

3. Keep the maps that you use for the server and OSM Scout separate. This is to avoid the version mismatch. We will converge eventually, but just do it for now while the development is rapid. Since you can specify the path for your maps in the server easily, I suggest to put the maps used by server into some other folder. On my phone, I use /home/nemo/Maps and subfolders with countries. So, to get Estonian maps, I use /home/nemo/Maps/estonia in my settings.

As you noticed, the maps are converted into multiple smaller files. That is correct and you would need them.

Please let me know if that helped. If not, we'll look further into it.

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