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I have been working on making import of the maps simpler. The state is a bit work in progress, but it should be close to full release.

Right now, on each release in GitHub, the Import tool is built automatically using Travis and AppVeyor. As a result, we can get compiled import tools for Linux and Windows. While Linux version includes a small script that simplifies import to command "import mapfilename_in_pbf" , Windows build requires a bit more sophisticated input.

So, I would like to ask users interested in offline maps:

1. Linux users: Please test whether import works for you. Please report even if its just OK and include your distro. Would like to get conformation that it works in general, not just on PCs available to me.

2. Windows users: Please test whether you could run Import.exe by double clicking on it. No import will run, just command line help should be shown. Again please give a feedback, even a short one. If you wish to use it for map import as it is then I strongly suggest to use the similar options as in . Otherwise, you will end up with lots of debug info and get very large map directories that you have to store on device.

3. Someone with Windows scripting skills (minimal should already be better than mine), please write a script that would confirm to the spec below. If you don't know how to make it in full, please start discussion and write some parts that you can. Maybe then Windows users could finalize this small script to make map import easy.

The compiled packages are available at

Let's use this for current testing. As soon as we get Windows scripts ready, we could make a new server release with the corresponding Import tools.

What I expect the Windows script should do:

Aim: finalize a compiled Windows package for simple importing maps into libosmscout

* The compiled binary of Import can be grabbed at . The new script will be a part of this package and would allow us to distribute importers to the users.

* The script could be similar to

* While in Linux, we are used to start commands from terminal, in Windows its more common to drag-and-drop. So, on dragging downloaded OSM or OSM.PBF file, the new script should:

* open a terminal (or PowerShell). I suspect its done automatically in Windows, but I don't know for sure

* make a directory with the simplified name based on the dragged map file name. I used to remove -latest.osm.pbf from the map fine name and make directory just on the basis of remaining name. See Linux script for details

* start Import.exe from relative bin\Import.exe . The style map.ost is under stylesheets directory. See compiled binary for package structure. Its expected that users just unpack it and can use importer straight away (no install is needed).

* keep terminal open after Import.exe is finished, so the user could examine output for errors

* on any error (cannot make export directory), stop the script (set -e in bash).

Since I am not familiar with Windows scripting, I am just afraid that it would take too long time for me to make it. So, please help even if its really trivial for you.
Wow! In Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) works really great!! It's a really improvement to handle offline maps. Thank you very much!!

Now I have a question: OSMScout will be handle offline maps from sdcard? I love this app and how it works! So I love to see its evolution.

Thank ypou very much for all your efforts!!

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