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The new release is out: 0.4.0, followed by 0.4.1

A highlight of this release is introduction of pre-compiled map importer that can be used to convert OSM maps to the libosmscout format using Linux or Windows PC. See for instructions. While in Linux all should be rather simple, in Windows, an additional script simplifying the import is needed. I've got some help on libosmscout mailing list and, hopefully, we could make such a script soon.

I have removed OpenMP requirement of the server which should reduce the problems with installing it. Please let me know if the resulting performance of the server is degraded. I have not noticed any slowdown.

I would like to thank Carmen F. B. @carmenfdezb for Spanish translation of GUI interface. Its a great initiative!

Several bugfixes were incorporated in this release. In particular, a problematic routing case found by @otsaloma has been fixed in the upstream library.

0.4.1: Updated Spanish translation allowing you to get routing instructions in Spanish. Work of Carmen F. B. @carmenfdezb, thank you!

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