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Seems Samsung wants a push for Tizen with new apps
Thanks for reminding us about this dead-end walled garden.

I had forgotten why I abandoned all hope in the TIZEN market,
and your post prompted me to go back and examine the situation.


Option to install application from unknown sources
On:October 31, 2015, 03:45:40 PM

It would be good to have an option to install application from unknown sources similar to Android.
Otherwise, the device feels like "locked" to Samsung ecosystem.

The thread curently ends with link to a video
showing how to install Android apps on the Tizen system.

The problem is that Samsung will not tolerate anything
beyond games and entertainment.

Proof ?

There exists no terminal application:

Re: Samsung Electronics announces 'Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program 2017'
Reply #3 On:November 11, 2016, 05:53:21 PM
I would love to have a terminal app , can you suggest other apps to be created or ported to Tizen ?

Please add them to :
limiting what apps users have first is what doomed Ubuntu Touch.

Tizen looks like it will get coddled to death.

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