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Originally Posted by jonwil View Post
For the cellular modem we need to decide whether to
A.Reverse engineer the cellular services daemon and its plugins and modify ofono or fsogsmd to export the same interfaces
B.Reverse engineer the things that talk to the cellular modem and replace them with new bits that do the same thing but talk to existing ofono/fsogsmd interfaces
C.Some combination of A and B or
D.Go lower level and parse the ISI data that's sent to the modem and convert them into whatever we need in order to talk to the modem in the Neo900.
It seems like reimplementing CSD daemon is the way to go (so I'd go for option C). ISI has lots of undocumented parts, and it should be easier to RE dbus APIs than ISI ones.

Neo900 will have the same Option module as GTA04 does. I think we can use work done by FSO ( and take fsogsmd as a middleware that's going to talk directly with the modem, as it already has good GTA04 suppor. API docs:
(we might consider oFono as well, but I would strongly recommend fsogsmd)

We will have to reimplement CSD dbus API. For that some reverse engineering will be needed, as there is very small amount of documentation for those:

DBus API documentation will also come handy for working with different parts of the OS, so I suppose collecting it has pretty high priority.

Some insightful discussion happened today on #maemo-cssu regarding replacing closed blobs, especially GSM daemon. The most interesting part starts at 15:02:
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