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Sure, and there are lots of softwae that deserves to be forgotten,

Bur still bear with me a moment; if I understood it correctly You had in mind some software you found useful, so much that you publically here lament the stagnation of it. Hence you have the option of either finding something else to replace it or to take matters in your own hands and do something about it.

The analogy of building your own house or growing your own foor does not fully apply here; as I understand it you are a software smith by trade and training, just like I am.
We are essentially in the trade of building our own tools, that is what we do and when we see a problem we almost subconsiously try to apply our set of mind tools to it. We have the skills and tools already; it is just to consider if we are willing to devote time for it, if the cause is worth and useful to us.

There is also one difference to the building-a-house / growing-the-food analogy you conveniently forgot to mention, and it is the fact that even as those endeavours take time and skill just like building software, you cannot distribute the results to everybody intrested at null cost!
When a house is built or a pumpkin is grown, it is a single non-copyable result for just small number of persons to enjoy!
There are different laws of economy in action in these cases.

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