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The focus of this thread is gathering:
How-To's, Workarounds for issues, Mods/Tweaks, Killer Apps, & maybe more main sections?
Users can ask for help, but if you do, please share at least one new thing you've learned (not obvious).
I've started a Google doc here. By default anyone can view & comment...
We need more readers to become editors, so the main sections can have sub-sections created.
And so that new and outdated content, can be added and removed more regularly.
So please send your requests via that Google doc!
I'll probably eventually only link to the Google doc, & remove all content from this post & others.
It's just too much of a PIA trying to keep here and the Google doc 100% synched.
N.B. The Google doc will eventually be far more up-to-date....

Test beta community apps before they're released as stable
Improve SSH security once dev-mode enabled (much of this has been applied in subsequent updates)
Dismantling the N9 (Russian Video)
iFixit N9 device stub: still waiting for folks to add their teardown/repair guides
Change the terminal font size (pretty obvious, maybe not worth documenting)
Rain-X (for fixing scratched glass screens)
Force a restart = hold power/lock-screen button for 10-sec (in manual)
It's perfectly fine to use the N900's charger with the N9 & vice-versa
Package a *.DEB for N9 (Binary only)
Report Bugs! Pointers
Improve scratched Gorilla Glass
Email & MfE, getting help with issues by giving help
Make your own wallpaper
How to restore system w/o doing a total rootfs rewrite (i.e. losing most data)
Unlock a accidentally locked N9 by obtaining your security code
Add Harmattan-dev Nokia repository
Transfer files to/from N9 via WiFi+SSH client (WinSCP)
Accessing N9 through SSH over 3G
Textareas in harmattan browser, scroll with two fingers!
Import Calendars into N9
SIP + Google Voice (works like a cellular call, quality sometimes not quite as good)
Setup a Bluetooth PAN
How to enable SSH root access if you really must (not necessary as you can just use devel-su)
Also apparently if you change user, dev, & root pwds from their default, you can proceed w/root via SSH.
Connect to the net via USB using USBnet
Google Reader in Feeds App (2 approaches, one's a workaround the other's a tip)
Create desktop icon w/root access to a script (2 answers on post #5)
Access touch friendly (mobile, not txt-only) version of some Google services
Remove app shortcuts from the app launcher home-screen
Use a XMPP gateway for multiple messaging services at once, but w/only one connection!
Re-encode video to a format more suited to the N9
You can do it in the terminal on the phone like this, otherwise Handbrake's excellent.
I’m not aware of any transcoding software like Handbrake, but for Maemo.
Reduce N900 power consumption (much of it applicable to N9 owners)
toggle between shell keys & arrows keys for terminal in VKB (already doco'd?)
swype: how to delete word you don't want in dictionary
NaviFirmEx: C++ version of NaviFirm that runs on WINE (Linux/OSX) & in Windows
*Handy *nix Cmds
cat /proc/cpuinfo

Workarounds (many are subject to change with new major releases)
*Issue with dloading voices for drive app
*Using N9 w/latest version of Ovi Suite
*Applications that use inverted theme, menu is transparent except for menu contents (fix).
Sometime lists of things like music/movies/msgs etc. don't update correctly.
Instead of a reboot this cmd can come in handy: tracker-control --hard-reset
*Not able to see updates for apps
*How to get terminal icon to appear in apps list w/o enabling dev mode
*backed-up pre-loaded N9 content, should you want to do a full reset/reformat
*disabling the auto-lock when using MfE
*How to enable/disable auto-connection of different connection types (wifi/3g etc)
*Nokia won't support my N9 because it didn't originate in my country (if you're in the EU & your N9 was bought in the EU, you're in luck)
*I'm about to update to 1.1 via OTA or NSU, will I lose my backed-up data?
*Are the diff. updates methods (OTA/NSU/Flash) really diff. in size, why?
*How to have FB/Gtalk etc automatically reconnect after a internet connection's been restored (not really a soln)
Drive app not starting, how to get it working (Pre 1.1?)
Retrieve forgotten security code….
Missing Quick Launch Icons
The ringer volume is too low, how-to raise it:
-via terminal (alsa)
-via GUI (no idea if this actually works, not really clear what the guy's saying)
OpenMode kernel for PR1.1 (still a WIP)
Manual display brightness control
Emails being sent via IMAP acct staying in outbox (not sure if this is really because of OS or server end)
idle consumption issue
Terminal level reboot
n9 pr 1.1 forgets all passwords after reboot
Delete all accts, full reset, recreate all accts, problem should crop up again.
Strange Icon in app screen - help
N9 mUSB cover repair/replace
No sources outside Finland yet. A more common L800 will help for some countries.
Someone's looking at getting a 3d print service to make one w/better material.
In which case that post would belong in the Mods/Twks section
How-to access a gmail acct that's blocked, because you have several devices using it.
Unable to install apps from Nokia Store (2 potential workarounds)
Push mimetypes to the stock browser (handy as browser doesn’t have “save link as”!)
^ Not sure if this is a workaround or mod/twk?
Adapter for earphones/headphones w/in-line mics that aren't compatible w/the N9
Reset GConf settings (for connectivity issues, fairly drastic)

Mods/Tweaks (many are subject to change with new major releases)
Disable home-screens & lock screen portrait lock
Wallpaper format for landscape/portrait orientation
How to customise your lock-screen
Changing power button behavior (editing mce.ini)
VKB modifications
Faster N9 transitions
Faster Darker Theme (includes faster transitions)
n9Tweak (kind of an app, but essentially many mods/twks rolled into one)
USB host-mode (relies on how well things go for kernel openmode)
Disabling/tweaking orientation sensor (alas no easy way to integrate into GUI yet)
Internet Messengers on the N9/N950
Proper integration of telepathy accounts
Integrating & using AIM/ICQ/YM/ MSNM/Vkontakte/QIP (Haze)
GTK + Python+GTK for Harmattan
IP Address "Widget" for N9
Calenderr: Daily updated Calendar app icon
Faster A-GPS response on Nokia N9
Enable image sharing to Twitter in Gallery
mute the camera shutter sound (read till 7th post to learn of two methods)
Enable more Swype settings in the GUI
Limit swype to the langueges you use
Bluetooth PBAP (for N900, not yet tested/refined for N9)
Modified Events screen
Change clock colour/font/format, & notification icons in the standby screen
Changing/modifying the system's emoticons
How to have terminal on apps launcher home-screen w/o keeping dev mode on
Change your N9's fonts
Additional VKB layouts for N9: Greek, Slovenian, Bulgarian etc.
Repartition RootFS so there's more room for app storage/mem etc (take away space used by FAT32)
Connect bluetooth keyboard to N9

Killer Apps
I've hit a word limit in this post so I've placed the killer apps list here.
I may remove everything in this thread & just link to the Google doc.
As the latter is way more up-to-date nowadays...

In-depth explanation of some underlying aspect of the OS
Is Maemo 5 (Fremantle) possible on the N9? (terminology for project names etc, is outdated)
Messaging's auto-merging
AEGIS notes (Maemo Wiki)
Can I run Fremantle apps on Harmattan?

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