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Thats really a known issue, and would be solvable, if developers could get a new certificate, which, oh well, not for quite some time possible.
It is the mechanism of security trust, and is working as intended.

bypass: set date to a time after certificate issue, and before certificate expiration.

usually, 2013 is a good "choice".
Thank you for this and ı think this been an update to see this problem and show how to solve for many peoples .

maybe this questions and answers keeping talkmaemo org alive

and just can you tell me how to install aircrack-ng drivers to my n9

ı have installed iw, wireless tools and aircrack-ng

when ı put airmon-ng it cant execute usr/sbin.... vs... ı am doing this as root and after that develsh. so ı think ı missing drivers but cant installed somebody may can help thanks community!!

by the way sorry for poor english ı dont using translator.