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Haha I did use a batch editor (no way I would do it by hand.. though one of my college friends once redid his entire iTunes metadata by hand when drunk though...haha).

The thing is it still shows the artist and album names in the same left column. For some of them it'll list both the artist then their albums (in the same column). Others it just lists the album name and not the artist in that column. Despite my folders being set up in that path of Artist > Album as well as the tags reflecting that (artist, album, track #, year). It's the oddest thing, I can't figure it out (unless what's really stopping it is just the .jpg of an artist. Though the ones that do show up (artist and album in the same column) have artist as a blank cd (because of no .jpg) and the album with whatever album art I have.
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They're maemo and MeeGo...

"Meamo!" sounds like what Zorro would say to catherine zeta jones... after she slaps him for looking at her dirtily...

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