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So seems people would not be happy with ubuntu as a sailfish replacement. I have yet to play with one, I was just annoyed at their multitasking and wasn't so pleased with the Mir mess. Too bad about the user experience as well.
I'm running Ubuntu on a Nexus 4 and could already play with both, the MX4 and Aquaris E5. While I haven't had a look yet at OTA 8, the Ubuntu software is far away compared to the maturity and functionality of Sailfish OS. I'm not saying this to offend Ubuntu, cause I like their software a lot and I'm even one of those who is more or less ok with Unity on the desktop .

Sailfish OS is my daily driver and I there's no way Ubuntu phone could replace this yet (or I'd miss a lot of stuff). SFOS' app catalogue is huge compared to Ubuntu's (and I don't count those rather useless web-apps the Ubuntu store is filled up with). Additionally the system doesn't seem to run as fast and polished as SFOS 2.0.
It's up to personal tastes whether one likes the Ubuntu UI, I don't see a problem with it, but prefer the SFOS one a lot - at least on a smartphone sized screen.

It seems though, Canonical doesn't have a huge pressure. They don't need to deal with home-made hardware (and the MX4 as well as E5 are quiet nice) and also offer great support for the Nexus 4 (and 7, 10 I think). While Ubuntu phone takes small steps, I think they're doing a lot right. But that's just my impression.

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