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Originally Posted by IcyMoustache View Post
This thread is for us - the non-developers who have ideas that could be taken up in the next CSSU. Let's channel our thinking to create a better tomorrow.

This thread is for the developers to pick ideas for implementation.... maybe some are amazing ones, maybe some are bleak... But still we have a central repository of IDEAS.

I have created a wiki page:

Please go there and add suggestions...
Please don't. Someone else had this "fantastic" idea before and created a wiki page:

However, the wiki - or a forum thread - are rubbish ways of triaging, managing and tracking a feature. We have a central repository which can be used, and it's Bugzilla.

Relevant searches:

New feature requests would be filed in Bugzilla with "Severity: enhancement" and dealt with there. This also allows people to vote and track the issues they're interested in.

If you used the Bugzilla plugin (see the QA page), you could automate these "feature requests" pages.
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