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you cannot use google/teleatlas/navteq or other copyrighted images to draw osm maps...only authorized one like Bing or Mapbox. Have you tried to set up your own wms server for Bing?

btw i tried to add an italian wms authorized to be used for osm but it doesnt load images i attache the output in terminal with errors as txt file if anybody can figure out whats the problem
(it works fine in josm)
i just wanted to get it going thanks for reminding it for me osm =obsolute street maps as it was just like a blank paper in my area nor it got any creditable data in the city long back but now most major things are coverd sparcely at least i fired up osm a week back to see what editing is like so created one account and to my amazement its damm easy and my edits were actually showing up on the main map and also in osm apps like modrana i turned the blank paper to an essay in just a week with only a few minuts of editing everyday i am just wonderingwhat was holding anyone from editing previously i suspect its just lack of any proper info on the subject

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