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This is now getting very off-topic, but I would expect you to be aware of the fact that most mobile OpenStreetMap development is done on Android devices. At my local OSM meetings, I'm seen as somewhat out of touch, because my N900 is unable to run many of the standard OSM tools and useful new applications like ScoutSigns and Mapillary. Furthermore, OSM2GO is abandonware, it uses many deprecated OSM tags, and and there is no guarantee that it will be able to upload edits to OSM for much longer. And far from feeling that the N900 touchscreen is perfection, I've often struggled with locating an OSM point precisely.

The Neo900 would be nice as a “real Linux phone”, but I don’t think its userbase will be anywhere near large to replace many old, abandoned projects like OSM2GO with working and reliable new versions. And with the low screen resolution, even trying to use desktop applications through the power of “real Linux” isn’t an attractive prospect, as those who have to work with OpenOffice or Firefox on the N900 can attest.
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osm should be a bit more morden

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