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Can someone test this archive? I will not have my nexus 4 for a while.
This is for Nexus 4 only with CM 11 base !!!

install this after installing aliendalvik.
here is aliendalvik for nexus 4!EJNjyTya!k0SQ0kAOT...7g4BisN8Hwk07Y

Now about second rpm (link down below) this should help you install google services and play store. after installing this rpm you will see 4 apks in your home folder: google.apk, google_services.apk, play_store.apk and youtube.apk. Go ahead and install them. You should see them in your menu. now run them and confirm if it works.!YI9ECKoZ!I3y6Uwioy...Y0_iTCNUfYlBTI