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Hi, sorry for bothering but, is there a way to play all new? And if it does, is it possible to make it play in any particular order? Having to click on each individual file in order to play it kinda kills te purpose of "easy download and play" because it is time/attention consuming.
As far as I know (don't have my N900 near to check), there should be a menu item in the titlebar app menu to play all downloads or all new episodes. It could be that it works only with certain players (e.g. the built-in player or Panucci), but if other players support playing m3u-style playlists, that should also work.

Edit: If in doubt, you could always use Panucci as your player and make sure that files are enqueued in Panucci's playlist, which then is a kind of "play all" features (queueing files one by one, but the playlist of Panucci is persisted).