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(with reference to:

So no mainline suppport yet. Thanks!

Some might argue this is a good thing.
Not getting bogged down into the software means
the makers are free to focus on hardware.$ product,
but if they devoted more of their limited resources to software
they may not have enough left over to make functional hardware.

In terms of visibility or durability?
Just ugly and glossy.

Does that mean the original one is underpowered?
Not underpowered but if you lose it or break it,
better to have something on hand proven to work.
Hunting for something good takes time

Ok thanks, I'm out again! There's no way I'm going to let a MS OS run on hardware that has my data on it.
I'm not even desperate enough to buy HW that boosts the MS sales counter by having a MS license preinstalled.
I know - this is still not System76 or Purism league philosophy.

But it is available now, and can run linux very well
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