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Is there a trick to getting an X to charge? I've tried with the phone switched on and off and used two cables which both work with my old phone, it appears to work but when ignored for an hour it's only gaining around 8% which is pretty useless!
To tell you frankly I have never seen something like that. But I think you have already the hints in what you wrote:
  • Have you tried with cables which work with your current phone, not only the old one?
  • Maybe with one charger and one cable, instead two cables only...?
  • and come on, you invented free energy: 8% in 1 hour with 2 cables only, ... how much do you want for those 2 cables... Im paying in Euros just name a price...
  • ... or your phone is just too sensitive, try to not ignore "her" for such a long time...

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