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Read somewhere speedpatch and battery patch tinker with something in system which are not restored when it is deleted, so its better to re flash it.

try swappolube (GUI), thats much more powerful than ram-refresher.

for non-JS surfing, use dillo.. Thats the fastest browser . :P Just gets the work done, like searching and reading blogposts etc. No fb or any JS stuff... Or may try OM4 on microemulator.. works OKAY...
Or use debian image to use NETSURF (but no flash related stuff ).. fast enuf, for daily work.

No idea about games though. Try using swap on sd card + emmc, may help with RAM as two IO options for swapping !!

FB msgr can be replaced with Pidgin or Some QT app in repos ( Dont remember the name). I think lastest FB api has issues with pidgin .... For FB surfing FB java app can be used in micro emulator..