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ps. As an example, Michal states a major issue being "storage memory for installable applications limited to ridiculous 256 MB, all the remaining gigabytes available for documents and data files only" whereas Eldar says "The N900 has 2Gb reserved for user applications (as opposed to 90Mb in earlier firmware versions)." So these are prototype devices and there are a lot of details not to be worried about too much at this point without contrary evidence.
In a video with Jussi and others, they addressed this issue... you can find the video and a text summary here

In short they mention the following:
"44:50 Gerry: Internal memory is only 65MB of free. [That’s something the community has noticed as well, Nokia have responded to. There’s a thread on the mailing list where the lower level architecture design guys like myself who are professional software engineers as their day job, are collaborating with Nokia in a very open way to find a solution to this. There is going to be a solution, along the lines of installing to mem card as N800 but out of the box. We’re just discussing where the work happens. Is it with community packaging applications or do we try with Nokia and get a solution that will make community’s life easier….in terms for end user experience, there will be at least 1GB."

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