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Ah, so that's what multi-window does. I was trying to figure out beyond the side launcher what it did. Only thing I hate about that is the side bar arrow is always there, doesn't matter if you're in a full screen game or not. It's just always there until you turn multi-window back off. It'd have been better if you could make it so it was just a swipe from the side.

I still prefer how the N9 handles things, how often on a small screen would you need two windows open? On a 7"+ tablet, I could see.

I don't know, after using my N9 for two years, Android (granted, I realize part of this issue is probably TouchWiz) just seems non-natural and horribly unintuitive.

If you are using multi-window and, say, have two apps on the screen, you can do a long press on return and the arrow will go out of view without effecting the two apps on the screen. You can also set up shortcuts with other side launchers like unity launcher (also need another app called multi window manager + pro version) and start up floating resizable apps on top of that. There are other apps that let you also set up 4 windows on your screen (multiwindow plus) if you like. Of course, you can also open more apps at the same time by using shortcuts.