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Here's a couple things you should do with your NOTE 3 so that it doesn't suck:

1) Root (easy CF-Root, or use Root de la Vega to keep Knox 0x0)
2) Custom Recovery (easy TeamWin, or use kn0x0ut keep warranty)
3) Customize:
- A) EFS etc etc backup
- B) MODs like Xposed Framework, Volume Booster, SecMMS, Unlimite MultiWindow, Call Record etc etc etc
- C) Easy install VillainMOD
-----or Manually install your favourite TW ROM, Kernel, and Radio doing this your phone will keep MultiWindow and keep the official S Pen functionality (palm reject, pen alarm, pen remove, circle window, official app, etc etc). It will get rid of all that bloat, saving you a lot of memory, battery life, data and make things smoother than an iPhone 4S). In addition it will use Samsung's fantastic first-party Apps like Phone, Messaging, Camera Apps without the lame drawbacks.

You should also grab these fantastic Apps that I recommend:
- Apex PRO (best launcher imho)
- Kii Keyboard PRO
- 500px PRO (help support CF dev)
- SwitchR PRO (you can make swipe up from the bottom launch Recent Tasks list)
- Titanium Backup PRO
- Root Explorer PRO

- Sixaxis App (use Sixaxis, DS3, Datel controllers in supported Apps, also maps universal screen actions)
- Xposed MODules such as (XPrivacy, Adblock, Tinted Status Bar, XBlast Tools, GravityBox, Xposed Additions, Xuimod)

And while you're at it, I recommend these accessories to compliment your phone:
- This awesome case
- This awesome screen protector
- This memory card
- This desk/bedroom cradle
- This car cradle
- This car fast-charger
- This controller to use the Sixaxis App and play games
- And this mount/diy to place the phone over the controller to make your very own Nvidia Shield and play Apps, GTA SA/Vice city/3, PPSSPP, DraStic, Reicast, Winulator, FPSe, Mupen64, VGBA, Super GNES, iGensNoid etc etc.
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