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OK, this won't satisfy the folks who demand a hardware keyboard, but it's pretty cool:
Thanks for this reminder !

I was waiting for the Urbane when they pulled it from the market,
and promptly forgot about the possibilities for awhile.

I was thinking along the lines of a digital 'phone' watch for
  • phone calls, if absolutely necessary
  • a simple clock+calculator (ala old Casio designs)
  • SMS (for simple connectivity maintenance)
  • and feeding internet access -
    - to a linux tablet where any and all heavy lifting occurs.

Perhaps the battery for tethering purposes might be overworked,
but what I was looking at was separating the comms issues
(particularly the part about what operators do to services)
from the tablet side of things which can focus on being a computer.

Something along the lines of "wearing a modem on the wrist".

I have bought a couple of those LTE modems
but they were urban disasters - no way to maintain the channel.
You need SMS and USSD so you can maintain the channel,
but all other comms (aside from silly vocal grunting)
can be rerouted (and logged ! ) through the tablet side of things.

At this time I am using my Ubuntu E5 as a modem
(almost the only useful thing it is good for)
but not very happy with the form factor.
I have an Android I planned to use but looking at the massive
spew of data it casually heaves about unasked,
it is spending time on the shelf waiting for a new OS these days.

If we had a phone watch that was focused on just being a clock
and translating GSM/LTE/whatever into wifi internet access
then I reckon that makes getting a pocketable handheld
running linux much more likely - it removes locale issues.

You can find any kind of wifi almost anywhere on the planet,
but the border wars defined by telcom operators
limit broadband tablet products to very nationalistic sentiments.

By moving the broadband issues off the tablet
we can win one very crucial battle.

And this is completely (awesome) over the top:
Three n900s: One for stable working platform,
One for development testing Chopping Onions
One for saltwater immersion power testing resurrected ! parts scavenging

My Mods for Wonko's Advanced Clock Plugin:
ISO8601 clock mod and Momental_IST clock mod

Printing your Email with the N900

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