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Hi earthwings, thanks a lot for your complete answers!
BTW apologies for my attempt to answer questions that were directed at you, please correct my comments as required - I just wouldn't want to keep you from coding.

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Currently pedestrian and bike offline route data is only available for Germany for direct install in Marble. If you have an Internet connection, calculating pedestrian routes in Switzerland and cycle routes in Netherland work directly (OpenRouteService delivers them in 1.3.1 and in 1.3.2 additionally MapQuest). If you're interested in offline routing for those regions, you have to convert the data yourself at the moment. This is not too complicated, but so far we don't have a tutorial on it. In short, you need to install the monav-preprocessor (easiest on a Linux desktop system), download a osm.pbf file for the regions you're interested in (e.g. From, preprocess it with monav-preprocessor and create a marble.kml file (use an existing one as a base). Then copy that to the N9 (place it in /home/user/MyDocs/.local/share/marble/maps/monav/).
Ok, I'll have a look if I can manage. Got the Linux system, no problem there. If I have trouble, I'll post back here, if not, I'll see if I can write a bit more tutorial alike text.

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Clearing the search result (cross icon in the search field) should remove the markers. You can get rid of the popup by clicking on the popup (except the route button of course). Maybe I find a way to close them when clicking anywhere else as well.
There's a bug report about the search markers appearing at the wrong place when the virtual keyboard is open. Is that what you see maybe as well?
No, I was just switching between different views (don't recall, probably between search, route and navigate..), and zooming in and out.
BTW thanks for the info on how to get rid of things; all logical on second thought - and I figured some out today, except for the popup where one has to click on it, but not on the route button...
I think that's not so intuitive to have to click the popup, but just around the button... on a resistive screen like the N900 or my old N700 that would be fine, but capacitive touch needs more leeway IMHO...

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Originally Posted by aRTee
Even when setting offline mode, I get the request for internet connection a lot...
That should only happen in the preferences dialog, but nowhere else. Can you elaborate when it happens (which activity?)
Well, I think it was about everytime I passed by the general overview, not sure now, and today I used a sim card with data, so just kept data on. I'll try again and will let you know if it's not related to the preference dialog.

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Also, the openbusmap data would be cool.
Can you file a bug at please so I don't forget about it? Thanks :-)

Some more questions and comments:
- the show satellite option on the space view seems to show a lot more than just geolocation sats (think I saw good ole Astra on the list, etc), and I guess that data comes from the web.
If there's no data connection, will it show the GPS sats that the system has ephemeris data for (as soon as it has data, even before a fix)?
That would be much much cooler than the regular spiderweb view, especially if some kind of colour change would indicate the sat reception strength and whether it's momentarily in use for GPS positioning...!

- when moving in space view with show sats to venus or so, the sats are happily flying around venus... I guess when changing away from Earth, the show sats and clouds should be off...

- when setting up a route, one can edit a point as per the "current location", or "select in map" (btw I think it should be 'select on map' but I'm not a native speaker...). I figured out that the various views from the general menu are all very linked, so one can choose 'select on map', then go back to the general menu, then into Search, then find a street/place with the search function, then click one of the search results (which shifts the map to that point), then choose the appearing route button, or just go back to the Route section, where the previous map is then in view, and touch a place on the map to be used.
I think alongside the Select on map and Current location, it would be good to have a third option Search, which would have one jump directly to the search section, and after seaching, when going back, have the view come back directly to the Route view...

- if one installs maps of adjoining regions, say Germany, Switzerland and Italy, can Marble / Monad then route all across?
(I once asked Navit devs this question about Navit, which can't do route across different maps...)
From how things are set up, I'm guessing it should be ok also with offline routing data, but it would be good to have confirmation...

- I was navigating earlier today, and when turning on the height profile, then turning it off again, the white position/directional arrow disappeared, as well as the signal precision red halo.
Going out and coming back (also doing a route from current location) brought things back...

- is there any place from where I can download current / latest versions other than Ovi Store? Perhaps it's good if some people test the waters..?
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