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Hi earthwings, thanks a lot for your complete answers!
BTW apologies for my attempt to answer questions that were directed at you, please correct my comments as required - I just wouldn't want to keep you from coding.
No, your answers are appreciated ;-)

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BTW thanks for the info on how to get rid of things; all logical on second thought - and I figured some out today, except for the popup where one has to click on it, but not on the route button...
I think that's not so intuitive to have to click the popup, but just around the button... on a resistive screen like the N900 or my old N700 that would be fine, but capacitive touch needs more leeway IMHO...
I changed it to close on the next click now. Currently that also closes it when panning, I hope I can fix that until the next release.

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Some more questions and comments:
- the show satellite option on the space view seems to show a lot more than just geolocation sats (think I saw good ole Astra on the list, etc), and I guess that data comes from the web.
It shows "100 (or so) brightest" from
Marble's Desktop version let's you configure further which satellites are visible.

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If there's no data connection, will it show the GPS sats that the system has ephemeris data for (as soon as it has data, even before a fix)?
That would be much much cooler than the regular spiderweb view, especially if some kind of colour change would indicate the sat reception strength and whether it's momentarily in use for GPS positioning...!
That's a cool idea. Can you file a bug report (wishlist)? Would also be nice to have that for the Desktop version.

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- when moving in space view with show sats to venus or so, the sats are happily flying around venus... I guess when changing away from Earth, the show sats and clouds should be off...
That should be fixed in 1.3.2 already. If not, in 1.3.3, the version on my N950 already has the fix at least.

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- when setting up a route, one can edit a point as per the "current location", or "select in map" (btw I think it should be 'select on map' but I'm not a native speaker...). I figured out that the various views from the general menu are all very linked, so one can choose 'select on map', then go back to the general menu, then into Search, then find a street/place with the search function, then click one of the search results (which shifts the map to that point), then choose the appearing route button, or just go back to the Route section, where the previous map is then in view, and touch a place on the map to be used.
I think alongside the Select on map and Current location, it would be good to have a third option Search, which would have one jump directly to the search section, and after seaching, when going back, have the view come back directly to the Route view...
Yes, indeed. I couldn't decide how to implement it nicely so far.

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- if one installs maps of adjoining regions, say Germany, Switzerland and Italy, can Marble / Monad then route all across?
(I once asked Navit devs this question about Navit, which can't do route across different maps...)
From how things are set up, I'm guessing it should be ok also with offline routing data, but it would be good to have confirmation...
Monav can't handle that currently unfortunately. You'll either need larger maps or route to the borders.

Originally Posted by aRTee View Post
- I was navigating earlier today, and when turning on the height profile, then turning it off again, the white position/directional arrow disappeared, as well as the signal precision red halo.
Going out and coming back (also doing a route from current location) brought things back...
Thanks for reporting, I know what's wrong and added it to the todo list.

Originally Posted by aRTee View Post
- is there any place from where I can download current / latest versions other than Ovi Store? Perhaps it's good if some people test the waters..?
Yes, here. Currently it's building an intermediate version with initial, incomplete bookmark support. Feel free to test, but note that this gets updated with very little testing, so there'll be more bugs than in the version in the Ovi store.

To use it, open a root terminal on the N9/N950 (devel-su, password rootme on the N950) and create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/marble-experimental.list with the content (one line)
deb ./
Save and run
apt-get update
apt-get install marble
If the version from the Ovi store is installed, you need to remove it first via
apt-get remove marble
because otherwise it will refuse to install the package from the "untrusted" location.

Originally Posted by Paul Ortyl View Post
How can I specify where map data is stored/cached?

At the moment it is hardcoded on MyDocs vfat partition, it means, that I cannot use symlinks to specify, where the data should land. I would like to use the same cache shared between many applications.
It's possible to change the .dgml file associated with a map theme in /opt/marble/share/... to cache the data in an absolute directory of your choice. That's how we use a shared "OpenStreetMap I" directory on the N900 (via a post-install hook in the packages).
Is there some similar common directory on the N9 used by several applications?

Originally Posted by YavkatA View Post
Can you include the option to download tiles for the visible region for a range of zoom levels, like on the n900?
I left it out for 1.3.2 to think a bit more on the user interface. The best solution I have in mind so far is to integrate it in the "Prepare offline usage" dialog in the Routing activity (so you can either download along the route or the currently visible region). The drawback is that people might expect it elsewhere as well (I'd expect to download tiles along the route only in the routing activity, but downloading tiles for the visible region would suit in other activities as well).

Originally Posted by Paul Ortyl View Post
The routing daemon does not quit when marble quits. As a result you cannot use N9 as a USB mass storage device, because the routing daemon is using data from ~/MyDocs and therefore the vfat partition cannot be unmounted in order to switch to the mass storage mode when USB connected.

Solution 1: kill routing daemon when marble quits
Soultion 2: (additionally to #1) let the user decide where the routing and map cache data is stored. Use directory in ~/.local/share/marble/.... and make soft link to ~/MyDocs/.local/share/marble/...
Marble already implements Solution 1, the routing daemon is terminated when Marble quits and that works reliably on my phone. I know of a bug that can lead to Marble not quitting correctly, but sitting idle in the background waiting infinitely for some network connection that failed. It might be related to that. Are you using a N9 or N950? Which software version?

Originally Posted by aRTee View Post
Another point/feature request: for routing, if one drags the route, there will be a new waypoint inserted and the route will pass along that new point - as soon as there are 3 points, it would be good if each of those could be deleted individually; now if one clicks the edit pen symbol, one gets the choice for select on map and current location, it would be good to get an additional option: delete point.
So far I deactivated that feature because it triggers a crash; I think it's a bug in QML as it's easy to reproduce (a MouseArea in a ListView delegate that triggers its own deletion leads to a crash). I didn't find a sane fix so far.
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