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Thanks again earthwings for all your efforts!

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If there's no data connection, will it show the GPS sats that the system has ephemeris data for (as soon as it has data, even before a fix)?
That would be much much cooler than the regular spiderweb view, especially if some kind of colour change would indicate the sat reception strength and whether it's momentarily in use for GPS positioning...!
That's a cool idea. Can you file a bug report (wishlist)? Would also be nice to have that for the Desktop version.

I got the preview version installed, no problem. Pinch zooming etc is ok now, thanks. Didn't have much time to try out other things, hope to have more time tonight...

Another thing I noticed is that the elevation profile starts at 0 (y-axis scale); living and moving around in Switzerland / Zurich area this makes it hard to distinguish altitude variation nicely,...
For cycling / jogging, up and down by 50 m is quite a bit, but if the base is around 400m, 50 m delta is hardly a blip...
Since 0m is also a relatively arbitrary level, I would say the y-scale should fit to the range. That would also make it easier to read the min and max elevation of a track.
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