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No evidence on overclocking warning, sure its only me amongst other people that agrees its best to not overclock the device.

Sure there's no thread of one demonstrated instance of overclocking does damage but you could at least agree that with a CPU that has NO form of active cooling, is stuck inside a small little box could actually live long enough? Have you never heard of stories where with normal desktop CPU that one has not placed the heatsink on and that melted the CPU when the computer was turned on? Have you not heard of stories where people overclocked their desktop computers whilst running on stock heatsink and fan and noticed they started facing issues with lockups? Do you not think those would not affect a puny little handheld device like the N900?

I never denied that N900 came overclocked from the manufacturer, I'm just further advising against any more adjustments to increase that overclocked limit because you may (note the word MAY) shorten the lifespan of the device.

Also adjusting the higher clock frequency without actually utilising that frequency does not actually affect the device however under full load (remember, the device is not dumb enough to stick itself under highest frequency unless you chose to also increase the lower clock frequency).
You have read wrong web sites . You can not melt any of new cpu.. They are protected.

My n900 is now way much cooler than normal voltage and MHz!! Device is quicker done tasking compared to the original frequency.. i do not see any negative side of overclocking IF you do it right!!!!

And welcome and good luck to the new phone Ryu1

You don't need to manualy format any of that partitions! Just flash eMMC image, DO NOT REBOOT and then flash fiasco image (pr1.3).