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So looks like the tests have been somehow at fault, as they are compiled against libpostal in some ultra weird manner. So for now I've hard-disabled them (dropped their compilation from the makefile) and the build finally runs to the end. This should be good for now, later one for the actual package review something more robust (possibly including reporting the issue upstream) might be needed. I'll open a PR for the libpostal packaging soon, just have to cleanup my changes a bit.

Anyway, as far as I can tell this concludes the missing dependencies & I can finally start packaging OSM Scout Server itself.
Sounds great! Please note that I haven't tested any 'make install' on desktop Linux. The path for directories is coded in pro-file and I was waiting till you get here and help me to fix it. So, if you know what's the common way to specify paths then please do so and send PRs

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