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This is not an update quite yet, I've got some extensive writing to fill in the 2nd and 3rd posts of this thread.

But here's some interesting images to capture your eyes.
Metro UI with rounded corners:
(its good, but other elements are still boxy which isn't quite appealing)

A comparison of icons for different ecosystems:
All icons are actually same size, but the shape makes a difference how much space can be used inside that icon. To be more extensive;
Metro Icons = 100% space
iOS iCons = 93% space
MeeGo IcoNs = 86% space
WebOS IcON = 75% space

Is it really worth sacrificing all that icon space, just to have the icon separation seem more appealing to the eye?
I'm not sure that I agree. The Metro and Circle icons are extremes. The iOS icons seem much more balanced in this regard, and overall better. Then again, naked icons....

I have to say that an icon that's uniform in portrait and landscape size is much much more appealing.
However, I think a case can be made for square icons that house the icon labels inside... something Microsoft hasn't really exploited, and if they did, it could rival a "Nude Icon" styling.
Square (housing labels) = consistency, but less space for the wallpaper to show through
Naked = nowhere as consistent, much much more space for wallpaper to show through

So I'm a little divided here, how much emphasis can I put on a wallpaper ??
...but it is ugly to have a solution like this:

Whereas something more like this seems much better:
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