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Examples of a nearly perfect UI:
  • Hildon
And UIQ right next to it

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......Gnome 3. In all three cases, what these interfaces replaced was miles better than the brave new things, but a change for the sake of the change won.
The thing with GNOME 3 is funny. I hated it at first becuse it is so much different then GNOME 2 and it seemed useless on desktop. But then I learnd to use keyboard shortcuts and now I would never go back to GNOME 2. GNOME 3 is so much faster and unlike GNOME 2 it never stands between you and the work you do. Basically, I can have all my apps in full screen and I can still interact with shell, desktop, settings, whatever............ No need for start menu and panels. And if it ever ends up on some TS device it will be much better than GNOME 2. I had some HP convertible with TS back in the days and it was useless.

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