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As a temporary measure to alleviate the
Originally Posted by olf View Post
"conflict hell" described in issue #7 in post #2224
a bit, I am providing this list of Patches playing together nicely on my Jolla 1 phones under SFOS and Patchmanager 2.3.1-10.39.1.

Suggestions for additional, well working (in all three aspects: technically, WRT functionality *and* WRT usability) Patches, which do not conflict with any of these Patches below, are certainly welcome.

Format: - <Patch name> <my rating>, <Patch author>, <Source: wc (Patchmanager2's web catalog) | RPM (e.g. per Warehouse)> [, <alt (Alternative) | cts (contains) | "cts" (contains similar / same functionality) | cnf (just conflicts)>: <Patch name> <my rating>, <Patch author>, <wc | RPM>]

"My rating" resolves as follows:
- (+): Nice to have
- (++): Very good
- (+++): IMO a must
No "rating" indicates, that I have not used this Patch long enough to rate it.

Patches listed as an alternative (alt) to and / or contained (cts / "cts") in a Patch *always* conflict with it (i.e. they cannot be applied together in Patchmanager, as they are patching the same locations of the SFOS UI).

- Right-handed tabs (++), Markkyboy, RPM
- Add more calendars (++), Schturman, RPM
- Led missed calendar events (+), Schturman, RPM
- Don't start/end events at midnight (++), Luen, wc
- Auto snooze & snooze interval (++), Schturman, RPM
- Clock in alarms (+), Markkyboy, RPM
- Separate alarm flipover (+), Ancelad, wc
- Gallery Image Zoom (++), Ancelad, wc
- Add new folder icons (+++), Schturman, RPM,
alt: Launcher combined patch, coderus, RPM
- Devicelock faith text (++), Ancelad, wc,
alt/"cts": No notification preview, alina, RPM
- Don't freeze app on peek (+), cornerman, RPM
- Don't steal focus (++), cornerman, RPM
- Event screen date & text (+++), Schturman, RPM
- Eventsview control (++), Ancelad, RPM,
cnf: Quick settings on power menu, alina, RPM
- Free Rotate for Phone (+++), alina, RPM,
alt: Allow any rotation (+++), coderus, wc
- Improved notification preview (++), Ingvx, RPM
- Lockscreen pulley at home (++), cornerman, RPM
- Switcher click hints Launcher (++), cornerman, RPM
- Ultimate statusbar patch (+++), Ancelad, RPM,
alt/cts: Show all indicators on lockscreen (++), alina, RPM,
alt/"cts": Statusbar background, toxip, wc,
cnf: Force cover size, eugenio (+), RPM
- Volume control settings (++), alina, RPM
- Add more shortcuts into lockscreen pulley (+), Ancelad, wc
- Lockscreen analog clock (+++; analog clock is optional!), Ancelad, wc,
cts: Show weather on lockscreen (+++) , Ancelad, RPM,
"cts": Seconds on Lockscreen clock (++), Markkyboy, RPM,
cts: Fix landscape lockscreen clock, Ancelad, RPM
- Disable volume warning (+++), Ancelad, RPM
- Enhanced Power Menu (+++), Ancelad, RPM,
alt: Quick settings on power menu, alina, RPM
- Notifications count in Switcher (++), coderus, wc
- Messages layout (+++), alina, RPM
- Autocapitalization settings (+++), alina, RPM
- Bigger marker tag (+), Markkyboy, RPM
- Remove space before punctuations (+), alina, RPM
- Voicecall combined patch (+++), Ancelad, wc,
alt/cts: Better CallLog.Alternative version (++), virgi-26, RPM
- BT timer (+), Schturman, RPM
- Custom hostname (+), Schturman, RPM
- GPS supplier (++; solely for Jolla 1 phones!), Schturman, RPM
- Shutdown screen (+), Schturman, RPM
- Unapply all patches (+), Schturman, RPM
- Unapply all patches on Upgrade (stated to be not affected by issue #12 in post #2249, see post #2276), coderus, built-in
- Display sneak peek (LPM) (+), coderus, wc
- Return old remorse item animation (+), Ancelad, RPM
- Return old remorse popup animation (+), Ancelad, RPM
- Combined pulley menu (++), Ancelad, wc,
alt: Return old pulley menu (+), Ancelad, wc
- Remorse timeout control (++), Ancelad, wc

And if you like to disable these functions (I don't):
- No automatic launcher hint, cornerman, RPM
- Less home animations, cornerman, RPM
... or add this functionality (I also don't):
- MazeLock, coderus, wc,
alt: Scramble lockpad buttons, coderus, wc

As YMMV (just as everybody's, including mine over time), please refrain from criticising my preferences (WRT chosen functionalities) or my (certainly) subjective "ratings".

P.S.: See updated list of Patches for SailfishOS in post #2309.

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