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After spendig about six months on Sailfis OS again (i had a Jolla 1 before) and loved it i'm saying goodbye for now. Many lost calls and text messages not received left me to this decision. I'm even considering selling my Aquafish converted to Jolla C firmware. Already miss Sailfish but some bugs and the lack of LTE band 20 made me put it inside a drawer. I read in the forum that some users had the same problems with no solution ahead. Some of them thought that it was a carrier problem but i noticed it happened when i moved around and lost wifi connection to data. Somehow when someone was calling to me the phone rang on the other side but my Aquafish wasn't showing anything. The same with the text messages. I had to reboot to work again. I will continue to read the forum and help anyone that needs my help. I'm available to try new things for our comunity since it's not my primary device. I moved to a Nokia 5 and i can say that if it was possible to install Sailfish on it it would be great. Thanks to all that help me trough these years.
The rolled-back/EA/upcoming 2.1.1/2.1.2 has a fix (workaround?) for this, BTW; the phone warns if it loses the connections and suggests a reboot. Has worked for me at least (YMMV).

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