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I don't want to play heretic here, but - you can have GNU-linux in a chroot in any modern rooted Android device. You can also have a somewhat limited GNU-linux in an unrooted device under a proot instead of chroot.
When you're inside, you can do all things you asked for.

For chrooted linux in a rooted device, see "Linux Deploy"

For prooted linux in an unrooted device, see "Debian noroot" or "GNURoot Debian".

I have Linux Deploy with a XFCE Ubuntu 14.04, living inside a 4 gigabyte file on my microsd card. You can automagically download from regular repos some other distro with that, like Kali, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Arch, Gentoo, openSUSE and Slackware.

The prooted ones are still in earlier development, so Debian only. But working very well.

EDIT 2 :
here's Linux Deploy:

Gnuroot Debian:

Debian noroot:
I had to feed the original url into because the package name contains "c u n t" and the bulletin board software is a silly bigot
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