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If you need registered apps, it won't help that much, unless they are from a vendor who still exists and has the policy and ability to issue new keys free of charge in such a eventuality - which most vendors that use external shop systems can't.

Doesn't matter for me, the last Palm app I use (Strip, where a gazillion of old, rarely used software keys and web passwords reside, which I'd hate to transfer to another password manager) is freeware.

Mine got wiped over a sync attempt against Evolution. But as long as I only use strip, I can do without syncing, and will have a more stable solution than with my Clie SL-10, which loses its memory every time I have to replace the cells.

I have some older Palm software whose registration was tied to a specific device. I was able to move the registration applet and registration db to an SD card along with the application using the old freeware app FileCaddy, and install all three on the Garnet VM. The app runs just like a registered copy should, and does not know it is now living in a different place.

Perhaps this issue is harder to resolve for different apps and different versions of Palm OS, but so far I have been able to get this to work for anything I had running on Palm OS 4 and OS 5.

This may violate the license agreement, particularly if it is specific about the app being for a single install. If you are concerned about the legality, I guess delete it from your old device. Many of the older Palm apps I have are no longer produced, supported, and many of the developers are now gone. So I am not sure who is left to gripe.

I'll end with a question: Am I missing something obvious? How do I get apps running on the VM to recognize the SD card slots? I am a writer, and I use a nifty, although primitive, device called the Alphsmart for word processing (it runs Palm OS 4). All of my documents are on cards.
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As far as I'm able to tell, the GVM can't see the SD cards. FileZ certainly can't, and then I doubt any other application can. Here's to hoping that it'll be fixed for a later beta. (It can't use BT directly either, and that at least is mentioned as a feature in the whitepaper. As it isn't there now it must mean they plan to implement it.)
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