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the first time i tried was almost a year ago, when i first got the n810, i remember something got screwed up and i gave up(now that i remember i registered successfully and activated my account but couldn't log in and reseted my password like 4 times then just ditched the whole thing).

two weeks ago i tried to register with my first email it told me the site doesn't welcome spammers, what?
tried my second email, another accusation of spamming.
sent a message to the admin saying i'm not a spammer, got no reply.

registered today with my third email and activated it but couldn't log on to maemo talk, because apparently it's not the same as maemo org(?!).
finally registered to maemo talk and here i am.
i wonder what is it with you people, you in the middle of a cyber war with some other os forum or something?

anyway, i've got many questions about my n810, i'll be posting them here every once in a while, i would really appreciate any time any of you would allocate to share his input.

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ok, question1;

in which places in the world does the n810 GPS work? i remember it worked in the UK where i bought it, but it didn't work in saudi arabia, it takes too much time to triangulate my position, and in the end it doesn't.

also, is it pure stand alone GPS in the n810 or is it A-GPS?
and does A-GPS require internet connection constantly or does it just reduce the time it takes to find you the first time only?
i've downloaded two GPS programs and neither truly helped me, one was A-GPS and the other some kind of dashboard, but maybe i was using them the wrong way, idk.

any thoughts or experience?
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hello, anybody here?
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youve posted in this section: > Talk > Old > Newbie

Try posting in the n810 section

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GPS doesn't require agps to work. There are threads talking about agps that you should be able to find. Most of us are using N900s so we aren't as well versed on N810 gps as we should be. There are many N810 users here though, and learning what information is already available and the best places to post should get you the help you need. Welcome.
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