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I have to give you credit promethh, that's actually in Washington. (Yes, I google mapsed it.)

Seriously now. This is a HUGE invasion of your kids' privacy. If I were a parent, as much as I'd frown on them drinking in a ravine, smoking behind the mall, sneaking out in the middle of the night to do whatever it is that horny teens do (play Yahtzee?), it's part of growing up! Hundreds of millions of kids worldwide have made it through and become healthy members of society... and I don't think the minivan screeching to a halt in the alley with full highbeams on and mom jumping out yelling 'Oh my god! Billy! Beer? Really!!!' is going to be any more positive.

And to entertain the "What if the child is abducted!" fear mongering. Howabout this. Look up the number of kids that have been abducted. Look at the number of auto accident deaths. You might be safer walking off with the strange man in the comic book shop that smells like mothballs than you are getting into your own car.
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Originally Posted by sevo View Post
Chances that a child is abducted are marginal - chances that it lends its phone/device to a friend, has it stolen, or places it at a inconspicuous place while going on a romp are high indeed.

That is, short of GPS implants (which is just one step off brain surgery to make children more docile, IMHO - welcome to our brave new world) nothing will enable you to eavesdrop on even marginally smart children, and with the gap in technology competence between teenage children and their parents you should better start to worry when your kids will plant a GPS bug on you rather than vice versa...
Well, since she'll probably be the one picking my nursing home, if it ain't a good one (meaning no free wifi ) she'll need that GPS implant on me to track me down...
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Originally Posted by Hedgecore View Post
I have to give you credit promethh, that's actually in Washington. (Yes, I google mapsed it.)
That's actually where I was, Hedgecore. I pulled up MaemoMapper on my N810, clicked "Satellite Details", and copied the Lat/Long into ITT.

How long do you think it'll be before we see "geolocation services" for N810 users? ...I'm working on a little right now, but nothing I want to make public just yet. I am sure I'm not the only one.

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