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I dont know how anyone could consider this "good publicity" if it happens to one person why not others? Personally I wouldnt sign up with them after something like this.
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Canada has a few service providers Fido (ex microcell) now owned by Rogers, Rogers Wireless, Telus and Bell and some other limited or 3rd party vendors that are using the same networks or buying time.

The data plans in Canada are ridiculous, hardly any provider offers unlimited and unlimited never really means that at all... The teleco companies compared to US and Australia and the rest of the world are completely outdated.

I used to have a data plan with Fido for $50 unlimited usage, now they don't have an unlimited usage, even their new 3g plans are increasingly stupid, I don't know why it seems in Canada there is no fair trade commission stopping these companies from milking people for whatever they can, no wonder Blackberry (RIM) opened up their own store in Detroit, the phone providers are even sick of the teleco's and they are hampering even the IT from being sold much much more.

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