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Originally Posted by slim View Post
I think it would be more constructive to look at the things that work well on the iStuff and use those to improve the tablet.
slim, thanks for the great (and thoughtful) post. Very constructive.

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Originally Posted by slim View Post
I think the iTablet project is a great example of this. It started out by replicating iStuff functionality. But it's evolving to surpass it.
Great post, thanks.

I could not agree more, with this point in particular, but the rest was well said. The civility of tone and simple, constructive criticisms in your post are emblematic of two of the most salient features of the ITT forum.
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I think looking at Apple for design queues is like being on a massive acid trip... you need to cut through what you actually see, and what you think you see. Because we've got the marketing propaganda hammered into our heads, people (John Q. Public, not us geeks here) tend to take anything they do and raise it above their head in triumph like they just discovered fire or the wheel.

So. The real estate usage in the Hildon UI sucks. I'd rather have a persistent icon that I can click and have the top/left bars extend from it (eyecandy animated, or just appear) over top of the currently running application. There's no need to have that information or those controls consistently available, especially when in another application.

Orientation is a must. C'mon, the spatial sensors in the wiimote are dead cheap and tiny... It'd be cool to enable spatially related orientation and have the tablet automagically switch to portrait mode.

The chassis... I'll admit the 770 looks like a bad prop from Dr. Who (the OLD one), the N800/N810 are an improvement but not much better. The brushed metal from the N810 is a good start but what about several options like laquer black or white? The buttons on the 770 are atrocious, I feel like I've got stereo equipment from the 70's whenever I'm using them. For the love of crap, a d-pad that is even mildly suitable for playing games would be a godsend. I'd prefer the 'spongy' feel of a real keyboard, or even the feel of a laptop keyboard (scissor joint (I realize this isn't feasible for a tablet, just talking about the feel)) compared to the brittle feeling micro switches they've got now. Whatever happened to those rubber covered buttons that helped keep moisture out but felt oh-so-neat on your fingers like (gah) Sony walkmans used to have?

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