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I Have installed LED Pattern Editor. And changed the LED Display for Battery Charging. But the led doesn't work when i've saved the configuration...!
It works when the phone is off but not when turned on, all other notifications work fine.. SMS, EMAIL, (But i left these at default).
I also used command-line to Copy the original mce.ini file, I tried to restore it but the same thing happened - It restored it back to a orange display but it only showed when device was turned off.

I have sesrched the site and google but couldn't find anything.
I've tried rebooting with battery and sim out of the device.
It must be something in the mce.ini settings but i have no experieance with this.

OK basically, my led notification light doesn't show when battery is charging inless the device is turned off.


OH.. SH17..! Clearly by chance the blinking machines the same rhythm as my message tone..CLASSIC..!

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