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My N810 is nearing perfection, for me anyway. The apps are getting better and better, I've got it doing near everything I want. Because of this, I'm getting finicky.

I switched to the GPE calendar, erming sync, and GPE Summary on the desktop. I just got fed up with Mcalendar. Anyway, the only thing I'm not liking at this point is that the summary box is not transparent. The big white block just looks plain ugly on my desktop. Yeah, picky.

So, I've learned that GPE "respects" theme settings and does as it's told. Yes, switching to the echo theme does make that window sort-of transparent, though a rather ugly shade of pink. I've used glasser for years now and, well, I'm set in my ways and that's the only one I think looks right. I've tried a few downloaded themes... nope - too old to switch I guess.

So... I'm thinking: maybe I can edit the glasser theme to change the one setting for the background that GPE summary uses to transparent rather than white. So long as it doesn't make something else unusable, it might just make my N810 perfect.

I found the glasser theme files, I found ThemeMaker... now what? Really, what I need is a way to figure out which file/setting GPE Summary uses before I can make any progress on this. Does anyone know, or know how to find out?

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