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Originally Posted by Ikalos View Post
Because I just moved out on my own a few years ago and can't quite afford something like that. Plus the nokia 770 has the balance I'm looking for in price to capability. However, I've been debating a Nokia 810 lately.

I guess this question will have to be answered by me actually going on and buying it and just figuring it out on my own.

A new question though; how would I go about programming applications for this device? Nothing major (theoretically. I have little programming experience, just BASIC on my calculator but that was self-taught.)

I'm wanting to try and program a "GM's Assistant" that will answered questions by rolling on a programmed table (based on Mythic's GM Emulator.) I think I know how I'd do it with BASIC but...well, that's BASIC. :P
I would look out for an N810 actually. same size screen, much better performance. Looks cool (still). The miniSD is more standard than the one in the 770.
Oh, and the sliding keyboard is ace. much better than any onscreen one. And they are still cheap as chips

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Okay, so I got a nokia 770. $65. A steal imo.

The biggest downer? The application catalog is gone and my google-fu isn't good enough to find anything.

Right now, I just want a voice recorder. Can't find one anywhere.

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